Reality vs. Social Media Presence

Over the last week, I have observed posts on Facebook.  I have acknowledged how people tend to manipulate real life to fit their version of their Facebook life. 

I’ll be honest I have been guilty of doing just the same.  You know what I am talking about.  When pictures are staged to show only the best side of what life has to offer- the house tidied and decorated to the nines, the kids looking like tiny runway models.  I believe this puts out a distorted view of reality vs. Fakebook. 

You saw that right, Fakebook. 

So many people live their lives for the next picture or post for social media, but only the ones where everything is shiny and perfect.  Let’s be real, like really real.  Here is some real-life straight from my home to yours.

Today, my kids had a late start.  A late start means school starts at 9:00 instead of 8:00.  I enjoy this extra time to do some much-needed laundry and read my Bible and devotionals.  Today, I had noble plans of making a gourmet(ish) breakfast, getting the kids up early, and spending some quality time with them.   

Well, the reality is, I apparently hit the alarm off button on my phone instead of snooze, and woke up at 8:49 a.m. 8:49!  What?! 

One thing to note is we live approximately 20 minutes (15.5 ACTUAL miles) from the boys’ school.  I tugged on my Christmas moose- or are they reindeer- slippers (girl, who actually cares, they were literally $0.75 at Satan’s playground/Wal-Mart, but again, I digress) for shoes and screamed like a banshee for the kids to get ready. 

Not my finest moment by far.  Yesterday and today were reflections of real life.  Have I shared this on Facebook?  Not yet, but I will. 

I am not here to bash on social media.  It actually can be very useful when properly used.  I think the point that needs to be driven home is “when properly used.” 

I have recently unfollowed some of my Facebook friends because of their very misrepresented life on Facebook.  I also have taken note of who I am truly friends with.  I have no interest in helping someone reach a higher “friend count” on Facebook. 

Let’s be real and not paint a twisted view of what your life is actually like.  Y’all, life is messy.  Sometimes it is really messy. 

I think some of the best memories are made in the messy. 

I definitely do not want to indulge in the façade of living reality one way and putting something completely different on Facebook.  I want to ensure that my social media posts are truly reflective of who I really am. 

I am imperfectly perfect. 

I am His. 

My life is messy, stressful, and chaotic, but in all this, there is sheer bliss and beauty.  You know, the sunset that you cannot look away from when your sweet dog Chloe runs to see you after a long day and that super awesome dreamy moment as a family when you are all together and giggles fill the room.  Those are my moments.  I long for those moments in the chaos.  I share on social media the messy.  I know that the mess and chaos are what other mamas are enduring too. 

We should not shy from who we really are. 

I challenge us all to walk in the real-life vs. your perfect social media presence.  We are struggling together.  And if you got it all together, then God bless you, you precious little thing.   

I could not help but think of this Bible verse

For at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light.” 

Ephesians 5:8

Until Next Time…




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