A Little Update….

Hey sweet friends! I just wanted to provide a little update to keep in touch with family and friends while we are still under stay-at-home orders. I am still trying to balance work, household duties, and helping the kiddos with their schoolwork. Some days are quite great.

Some days I retreat to my closet and eat an entire batch of homemade lemon cookies and I do not even feel guilty! No shame here. I own that, those cookies were the bomb.

I think one of our less-than-finer moments was when I was on a negotiation call for work with outside counsel and my darling twins decided it was a good time to play their trumpet and trombone in the very next room. Let me tell you they got their physical activity in after that. I guess it was a good thing it was not a video chat.

That brings me to video chats. Some days, I have to position that camera down or just not have it on at all. I am sure we have all saw the meme with Scarlet O’Hara circling around Facebook that says, “Controlling my tongue is no problem. It is my face that needs deliverance.” This is what I really need to work on.

 I just enjoyed an amazing spa experience which now consists of a Vitamin C Epsom salt bath that is uninterrupted and followed by me plucking “glittery looking” hair from atop my head while donning a charcoal face mask. Self care, am I right? 

Speaking of self-care I have enjoyed drinking coffee with coconut creamer while reading my Bible. I am loving our Real Women of LP Bible Studies in the mornings. I love these women. It is a wonderful way to connect and stay plugged in with the LP gal pals.

I have watched The Office like a million times. I love that show and can seriously watch it over and over. We have had several karaoke and dance parties. We started a daily routine with the kids to learn something new from a youtube video. I have learned about:

  • Iroquois Indians
  • volcanoes
  • cenote’s in Mexico
  • hours of #replays of Auburn Softball games
  • who is the best draft pick from the Chiefs
  • the Trail of Tears

We have instilled morning Bible Study together and how it is important to also have time alone with God. We made homemade dog treats- that all our pups LOVED! We also celebrated Kinsley turning 15! We are excited to celebrate once it is safe.

And…now what you all have been waiting for… Tara’s Bacon Chicken Pesto Cavatappi

I grilled a couple chicken tenderloins.
Once the chicken was close to being done I added a couple slices of applewood bacon (allergic to hickory).
In a separate pan, while the chicken and bacon were cooking, I added a jar of Barilla pesto and a small container of heavy whipping cream to a saucepan with bit of garlic.
I LOVE garlic. I have the squeeze garlic and just used a small amount.
I sliced the chicken and the bacon and added the chicken and bacon to the pesto and whipped cream mixture.
I cooked the cavatappi noodles.
I added a small number of sliced cherry tomatoes to the sauce.
I also added mushrooms.
I continually stirred the sauce as it thickened.
Drained the cavatappi pasta and mixed the pasta in with the sauce.
Ready to serve.
So yummy! Enjoy!


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