This is more important now than ever. With the Covid-19 epidemic, lives have changed greatly. It is critical for moms to find some sort of normalcy during the current pandemic. But more importantly it is necessary for moms to take care of themselves so they can give their best to the other members of their family. These days self-care looks a little different than running to the local spa for a tune-up. We may squeeze in a bath at 10:30 at night when everyone has finally gone to bed. An amazing spa experience may look a little something like a Vitamin C Epsom salt bath that is uninterrupted paired with a 2 year old face mask to “cleanse” my pores, followed by me plucking “glittery looking” hair from atop my head. Seriously going to need to work on a part to cover the bald spot or perhaps I just need to wear a hat. Speaking of hats, I recently texted a friend and said I think I need you to talk me out of a good idea. Boxed hair dye. Response was, please don’t. Never a good idea. Girls- if I have one piece of advice it is to avoid dying your own hair. Many instances will turn out ok. However, some of us, me probably specifically, I literally have no idea what I am doing and it will cost more to correct it because I will end of with some weird variation of fire engine red while attempting to cover the gray that is shining through my normally brown hair.

Self-care is also opening your Bible and getting into your Word. Read your Bible while your face mask is blemishing those blemishes and is setting for approximately 10-15 minutes. Self-care is participating in online Bible studies. It can be holding yourself accountable with other women as your press into your relationship with God. I love that this pandemic has allowed so much growth in this area of my life. Take advantage of the time we have to really nurture this relationship. My prayer life is on fire and i am going to invest in this area of my life.

Not all days are five-star experiences, sometimes self-care looks like eating junk food in my closet. I do this frequently. The main thing is be flexible and find what works for you.

Oh Snap Chat, you created the greatest filter.
Matthew 11:28 - Come unto me, all [ye] that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest

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