Book Release January 10, 2022

Never in a million years did I ever think I would be a Christian author or blogging away about my crazy, messy and beautiful life chasing Jesus. 

Nope. I probably would have told you that you have got the wrong person. BUT THEN GOD. 

God wrecked my plans. He used my story for His glory and I could not be more grateful! The count down to releasing my first book (on my nephew, Brad Barrett’s birthday) is just days away! 

God has placed so many wonderful people in my path. As we wrap up 2021, I am searching for my scripture for 2022 and my word to focus on. 

I am pressing in this year. I am going deeper. I am going to the encourager. I am going to take the time to see the every day miracles that I have failed to stop and truly see in 2021. My 2022 will be centered and focused around and on My Jesus.

Perfectly Imperfect


8 responses to “Book Release January 10, 2022”

  1. Congratulations!! Isn’t God wonderful and surprising in His ways.
    Thank you for checking out my blog and for the follow.
    Glad that I learned of your blog…will be following. Look forward to new posts and interacting more. Have a great day!! Esther

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