I feel like there are days where I struggle to meet the needs to being a full time working mom, a wife, a cook, the doer of the laundry and a gal who attends her Bible studies. There is a constant pull to be here, to do that and to meet all the needs. I have worked hard to schedule my time more wisely. To find that proverbial work/ life balance. I even hired a life coach to help me with that and let me tell you, she is amazing! I am not the type to ever ask for help. I like to handle everything on my own and if I am asking for help then the walls are about to burn down. As you can see seeking help was a pretty big deal for me. I am so grateful that I did. I feel like I lost 50 pounds off my shoulders and I am taking control of my time and what gets my energy. It’s all about balance. Some days are much better than others but I am seeing progress and that is the goal here.

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