She’s Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

This girl is my whole heart. She is literally sunshine. She is one of the most joyful people that I have ever been around. This girl is full of life. She does not fit in with the status quo. She was never made to fit in. Jesus has plans for this girl. I get the honor of being her mama!

She’s got a heart of gold. She loves without ceasing. She makes my heart full and happy.

She is growing into a beautiful young woman- both inside and out. She has some amazing roots, and we are now headed into the unchartered waters of allowing her to spread her wings. As a self-professed helicopter mom, I am struggling!

I mean, I basically realized at the beginning of December that we have basically one more, and then she is off to college and off to experience life. Brace yourself, mama. Your heart is about to fall into shambles. I pretty much shut down. Not my best moment. Nothing prepares us for this new stage of life that we are about to embark on.

I am learning how to navigate this new chapter. It is difficult, but our relationship is constantly changing and growing into something amazing. I would certainly not turn down any helpful tricks on this issue.

I am praising God for the opportunity to love this girl while she is on loan to me.

Stay tuned for a pretty exciting project we are working on together. Until then, Kinsley- you are my saving grace!

This song hits my heart! Take a listen.

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