Trip to Galveston

Last week, we had an amazing getaway with friends to Galveston, Texas. It was amazing! We stopped at the Oklahoma City Bombing Museum and Memorial. If you have not been to this, go! This was such a wonderful tribute to those who lost their lives and those affected by the senseless tragedy.

On to Galveston. My heart needed this vacation more than I can put into words. We went with three other families and had an absolutely wonderful time. We had so many wonderful discussions, played canasta, the kids did some snipe hunting on the beach, checked out all that downtown Galveston had to offer, and, let me tell you, we ate the best food. Oh, the food was so good!

I loved sitting on the deck, drinking coffee, and reading my Bible and devotionals. I also enjoyed sitting on the beach reading while kids giggled and waves crashed in the background.

This was the view from the front deck.

Let’s talk about those kids. After over two years of stagnation, stress, and insanity, those kids got to be carefree and enjoy the beauty that God put in front of them. They got to frolic in the Gulf and chase each other on the beach; their giggles were infectious. They got to ride a ferry to another part of the island and explore old Fort Travis. They got to experience the amazing food. They were making memories and escaping their hectic everyday life.

As adults, we too were able to escape the hectic everyday pressures and were able to relax and enjoy a wonderful getaway from the everyday. We had great discussions about the Bible and life. We are blessed beyond words with friends that have become family. I just cannot thank God enough for how he has blessed us with friends who push us in our faith walk.

It is so good for the soul to get away and refresh and a walk on the beach and the sound of waves crashing is a good place to be.



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