Thank You

I just wanted to shout a huge thank you to the following online venues who have listed my book for sale on their sites. THANK YOU! You have made this simple, Jesus Loving, mid-western gal’s dream come true! I am thankful that Jesus put this on my heart to share. I continue to pray that this book leads someone to Christ and gives someone hope in the midst of everyday chaos. God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good!

Thank you, Amazon!

My Publisher, Trilogy Christian Publishing, huge thanks!

Barnes and Noble! This still blows my mind away! I used to wander the shelves dreaming about what it would be like to be a published author! Thanks, B&N!

Thank you, Powell’s!!!

Walmart! Thank you!

Huge thank you to Rainy Day Books! So grateful for this local store listing my book on their site.! Thanks for listing my book for online sales.

The book is also for sale by various venues in Australia, Canada, Germany, and a couple other countries!

Friends, God is so so good! I am blown away by how he has blessed this book and how many people have already been reached! Join me in prayer that this book allows at least one woman to come to know Jesus, one woman to grow in her relationship with Jesus and one woman to step out in faith and share her heart with others in the name of Jesus.

Above all, thank you, Jesus, for pushing me to share a glimpse of my testimony. I fought you on this pretty hard, but you knew the right course. Thank you for guiding me in the writing of this book. Thank you for helping me to find healing in the writing of this book. The glory is entirely Yours.

Love, Tara


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