7 thoughts on “I was riding the struggle bus yesterday. Yep. I let the stress of life get the best of me. I lashed out, I had an adult melt down and then when I got home the flood gates opened. I was going on very little sleep. Our sweet Jordy boy had to have an exploratory surgery to figure out what is causing his bloating and vomiting foam among other digestive issues, Brogan broke his front tooth- AGAIN and my stress level at work has been through the roof.I had no humor left to make fun of the situation which is what I would normally do. Nope. I just threw an adult temper tantrum and then had to apologize to my son for straight up flipping my top. I acted like a fool. That is certainly not who I want to be. I want to be the woman that leans in when times get tough. I felt convicted and knew I needed a reality check. Today is a better day. Tooth is getting fixed, dog is eating and recovering well and is certainly acting less like a zombie and I got some good sleep last night.I am thankful to have the most amazing friends praying behind the scenes and always steering me towards God. I appreciate my village. I am sorry for being a jack wagon.

  1. Glad your beautiful Jordy is getting better!
    Don’t you agree that a dog’s love is the love that comes closest to GOD’s unconditional love, closer than the love of most humans, as human love is hardly ever unconditional…?

    JESUS is the only one who always “had it together” 😉
    GOD bless you my sister!

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  2. Been there/done that too! Praise God our kids are resilient and very forgiving when we humbly apologize for our lapses! Some years ago I worked up my nerve to ask our youngest, probably in his early 20s at the time, “On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your childhood?” Without hesitation he announced, “Eleven!” In spite of my failures, mistakes, and downright sins against him, he’d obviously forgiven me–Hallelujah! Because you actively love your son, and are treating him with respect, he’ll no doubt forgive you and give you an “Eleven” too. (Maybe even a twelve!!) : )

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