Girls Trip

I just got back from an amazing, first-ever, girls/ mama’s trip to Clearwater, Florida. I went with three friends on a quick little moms’ getaway.

We ate all the seafood that our bellies could hold. I had the most amazing calamari. Calamari is my greatest seafood weakness. We enjoyed our time on the beach. I enjoyed listening to my Bible app and having quiet time to read “Find Your People” by Jennie Allen. This is a MUST-read! So so good!

This trip was a nice little getaway. I used it to reflect on a lot of things that I have been debating about lately. I still do not have all the answers, but there is something pretty amazing about sitting on the beach and just reflecting.

Brunch at Clear Sky.
I had an amazing Lobster Omelet and it was delish!

I did not take a ton of pics. I enjoyed just being in the moment. I loved the deep belly laughs, the friendship, and the memories we made together. I love foodie vacations, and we hit the jackpot everywhere we dined. I really enjoyed all the food, especially the fresh seafood!

I missed my kids and husband, but I am also thankful for the opportunity to reset and refresh. Keith said that Jordy (our Doberman- who just had surgery) roamed our house looking for me. Truth is, I am his primary caretaker and provider of all things food, treats and meds. He wanted fed and might have missed me a bit, but it was more about the food, probably.

It was a great trip and wonderful to flee the weirdly chilly Kansas weather. Where is your fav location for a girl’s trip? What are your suggestions for a mother/ teenage daughter trip?

I love piers. Not sure why but I think they are so cool.

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