Calling All Mamas of Teen Girls

I am working on a project and would love any thoughts/ feedback. Details coming soon!

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  • What are the hot topics that you face when parenting a teen girl?
  • How do you handle discipline for your teen?
  • What do healthy boundaries look like in your home?
  • How do we handle our teens and dating?
  • What are some ways to instill in our daughters the importance of a relationship with Jesus?
  • How do we boost their confidence?
  • How do we teach them to turn from the world and not seek validation from a broken world?

I appreciate your thoughts on this, and I can’t wait to hear what you say.

Thanks, sweet friends!


3 responses to “Calling All Mamas of Teen Girls”

  1. It is different a different world than when I was a teen. I homeschooled my daughter until high school so I have taught her biblical values her whole life. She is now 15 and she is a part of the world because of school but she knows where we stand biblically. I try to be open and understanding. I am always ready to listen, I ask her do you want to vent or do you want advice? I model my faith the best I can and am always seeking Gods guidance in tough situations. It is tough teaching them not to seek validation from the world because they are at an age where they are trying to separate from us and figure out their own views, I pray a lot. I know she is a child of God so I trust him to lead, guide, mold, and convict her in all the ways I fall short. I get through with lots and lots of prayer! 🙏

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