I have complained more than I should have. I have fussed about situations and people way more than I should have. I failed to the see the humanity on the other end of the email. Somedays, I get lost in a state of stress, exhaustion and being overwhelmed. This last month has tested my faith and my heart. During the month of June, I experienced more stress than joy, more frustration than excitement. End of fiscal year is crazy, but this was stressful.

Tonight, needed to be different. Tonight was about surrender. I needed to take some time about being intentional about being in the presence of Jesus and let me tell you what, the Holy Spirit met me right in the middle of my stressed out self. I grabbed a sleeping bag, some candles, throw pillows and my phone. I started my night watching the sunset listening to some classic music and then I enjoyed worshipping with the stars in the sky and the fireflies dancing around me. It was absolutely perfect, and my heart needed a night like tonight to end this month with a heart focused on the Jesus. Tonight, was so perfect that I did not want to leave my little simple sanctuary. Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE Summer nights with sunsets, fireflies and starry nights. The simple act of praise brought my soul such an amazing sense of peace. This is something that I need to do more than once a month because it has such an impact on my heart. The Holy Spirit calmed my overly stressed and anxious heart and I left my night of worship with a peaceful and joyful heart. An act of surrender changed my heart condition stressed to blessed. A word to all my stubborn gals pals, don’t take an entire month to get your act together. Surrender to Him and know that His ways are always good and right.

I love this song by Anne Wilson. This song should be every Jesus lovin’ gals theme song. The lyrics should flow from our lips.

Thank you, Jesus for the gift of freedom to worship and a moment to pause and be in your presence.

5 thoughts on “A Moment in His Presence

  1. Love this.
    Pretty much my process right now, though I have not gotten to blogging about that yet.
    I have to remind myself that the enemy is a liar when he tells me I am not good enough, I failed, I am alone, no one cares, etc, etc, etc.
    This was a good reminder.

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