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  • Evangel Bound

  • Meet Me At The Well

    Meet Me At The Well

    I have looked at church as a place where overly religious people came together in perfectly pressed clothes and painted-on smiles to make their weekly appearance. I used to think people with a checkered past were not the church-going type. I had a distorted view of what it meant to be the church, thanks to […]

  • A Moment in His Presence

    A Moment in His Presence

    I have complained more than I should have. I have fussed about situations and people way more than I should have. I failed to see the humanity on the other end of the email. Somedays, I get lost in a state of stress, exhaustion, and overwhelm. This last month has tested my faith and my […]

  • Foundation and Wings

    Foundation and Wings

    As I type this blog post, tears are pouring out. I could not stop them if I tried. Man, these days are tough. I am not sure how we got here so very quickly. It truly seems like just yesterday, we brought home this beautiful girl decked out in pink from head to toe, headbands […]

  • School’s Out for Summer

    School’s Out for Summer

    Today is a bittersweet day. Kinsley is finishing up her Junior year of high school. Brody and Brogan are wrapping up their seventh-grade year. These days are just flying by. It seems like just yesterday, Keith and I were chasing the three under three, and now we experiencing the Summer before the last year of […]

  • Surrender


    Some days, I feel like a down-right crappy mom. Some days, I wonder how we survived the day. Some days, I just need to sit in the swamp of life and let the presence of Jesus take the day over. Most days, my humanness tries to take control of a situation. But then, my Jesus […]

  • When he speaks… listen

    When he speaks… listen

    My daughter had a softball tournament this past weekend. I spent the majority of my Mother’s Day cheering on my favorite number 33. I have always been a really competitive mama. Softball and basketball are sports that I love. Sometimes, ok, quite often; I have been a little “spirited” when watching my kids participate in […]

  • Calling All Mamas of Teen Girls

    Calling All Mamas of Teen Girls

    I am working on a project and would love any thoughts/ feedback. Details coming soon! I appreciate your thoughts on this, and I can’t wait to hear what you say. Thanks, sweet friends!

  • Girls Trip

    Girls Trip

    I just got back from an amazing, first-ever, girls/ mama’s trip to Clearwater, Florida. I went with three friends on a quick little moms’ getaway. We ate all the seafood that our bellies could hold. I had the most amazing calamari. Calamari is my greatest seafood weakness. We enjoyed our time on the beach. I […]

  • Soaking it in

    Soaking it in

    My daughter, Kinsley had her Junior Prom on Saturday. Let me tell you that just a couple short months ago, I would have been a mess of tears, but man I have enjoyed this journey of soaking everything in. Let me just say that we have the most amazing tribe of friends that pour into […]