How I Use My Spiritual Gifting

I never thought in a million years that I would be writing about my love of Jesus and be a part of an amazing ministry that gathers women together in fellowship. Remember gals, there was a time where I wanted nothing to do with God. I was broken and incredibly sad, but then Jesus. Ah yes, my favorite part of my testimony, but then Jesus. Let me tell you friends, when it comes to the “but then Jesus…” well…that is simply when things get good. Jesus took my broken heart, and He is using me and my spiritual giftings to reach other women for His glory and His kingdom. What a blessing and an honor! And seriously, I am overjoyed that my testimony is being used to allow other women to meet Jesus for the first time. For another woman to grow in a personal relationship with Jesus. And share with another woman the love that comes from having a relationship with Jesus. A ministry that I very much ran from and blatantly told God this is not something I can do. I kept pushing back and Jesus pursued with more vigor. Let me tell you something, He did not stop there. He invited other women to stand beside me in this new adventure. Women I love dearly and who have become some of my dearest friends. He has not only inspired a ministry but an amazing sisterhood of Jesus loving, coffee drinking, praise report shoutin’, hands raised worshippers on this side of Mississipp.

And time for a little truth, we all know that I was not “feeling this.” And here’s why, I will just lay them right out in the open. In all honesty, other women can be catty and full of drama. Woman can bring out the best in other women and they can bring out the worst. Yuck and no thanks. You cannot make everyone happy. And lastly, I do not feel I am equipped. Well…this is another one of those sweet, but Jesus moments. He stepped in and kept pushing for Chosen Women’s Ministry to move forward. He equipped us as he saw fit. We have put Him first in all this ministry has to offer. We just want the ability to have women- both young and old- love on each other, serve each other and simply do life together. We were thinking of a almost Godmotherly concept. Where older and younger alike can pour into each other. Please note, I did not say fairly godmother. I mean that might be nice. Poof…and my house is cleaned with no effort from me…does sound appealing, but I digress, again.

Basic concept is for women to come together and join in fellowship. We want to serve each other. Here is where the Godmother concept comes in to play and almost like a reverse Godmother concept too. Women from high school age and beyond to come together and just be in His presence. Here is a little premise as to how we got here. I was the oldest child, I always wanted an older sister. Someone to pour into me. I did not really have that growing up. I certainly did not have a woman who poured into me as a Christian woman that was not related to me. Grandma Rose and Aunt Glenda prayed A LOT behind the scenes. Well now, as a mother of a Junior in high school, I am seeing so much from other women pouring into my daughter and guiding her in her faith, like a Godmother if you will. I do not really think I realized the impact that we as women have on other women in our Faith walk before listening to Lisa Bevere discussing Godmothers. I cannot love this concept enough! It is so empowering to speak life into another woman regardless of where she is currently walking.

I have realized that God has used the combination of my love of Jesus and gifting in writing to reach women. I am blown away and humbled by the outpour of love and support that I continue to receive from family, friends and the sisterhood of believers. I love to use my real life to illustrate God does not call perfect Christians, but he equips us to world changers for His glory. My goal in my writing is to have women see Jesus through me, a woman who is far from perfect but runs to Jesus at every chance she gets.

Beautifully Broken

I love how Jesus takes something broken, mends the brokenness and creates something beautiful. We had a Beautifully Broken workshop at our church that was based on Mosaics of Mercy ( Check them out! The event was all about creating a firm foundation through your relationship with Jesus. We also spoke about forgiveness, especially allowing you to forgive yourself first and foremost. Jesus takes the broken shards and creates something beautiful. In addition to two other women, I got to share a part of my heart. The overall theme from our testimonies was about Jesus taking our brokenness and allowing Him to mend those areas to create true beauty. This event was so amazing and healing. We shared testimonies, scripture and filled the room with worship songs. We are beyond blessed to have so many amazing women come together in the name of Jesus to seek healing and fellowship.

We had plates that could be broken.

I had no clue how important this process was to me. The crazy thing is…I never would have placed me sharing my love of Jesus with other women. I am thankful that God has wrecked my plans for his good. I grateful that Jesus met me in my brokenness and has used me to share my heart with other women. Jesus equips us to be a means to spread the Gospel with others.

My friend Angela, have enjoyed working hard in building this ministry. God put this on our hearts almost a year ago after speaking at church together on Mother’s Day with our Pastor’s wife, Kristian on all things mom. We are excited to do this event again! Angela and I both love to see how God is moving throughout our community.

Angela speaking; Tara looking on.

We ended our night sealing our hearts in individual prayer and then praying as a group.

Beautifully Broken mended hearts.

A huge thank you to our friend, Nicole Greer for capturing these images our Beautifully Broken workshop.

Life Update

The boys are close to wrapping up their seventh grade basketball season. They are excited to keep working with Joel to gain more knowledge and improve their skill sets. Did I mention these boys are twins? Hard to tell, huh?

Our Junior in high school is LOVING her first season cheering for basketball rather than playing basketball. She is one of the most joyful cheerleaders!

Keith and I are trying to find balance to be everywhere at once- as parents, we all know this too well.

I am working on Keith to get a she shed. This would be a great place to work on writing, to pray and to just have some space that is my own. I am thinking farmhouse chic.

Other than that, no real updates. Travel softball is gearing up. Boys are debating how they are going to spend their Summer. More to come!

I am working on a new project that I am beyond words excited about! I cannot wait to share more info in the near future.

Keith and I are doing a Bible Study through our church on Revelations. OH. MY. GOODNESS. We have been researching and learning so much! A book in the Bible that used to cause me so much grief is quickly turning in to one of my favorites.

My friend and I started a Women’s Ministry called Chosen Women’s Ministry of KS. We are so excited for what God has in store for the women and high school girls in our community. Here is a link to the Facebook page if you are interested in checking it out.

Jesus, I am praying for more of you and less of me in my every day life.


Brogan is a guy on a mission in this pic. Their school clearly needs to clean and paint the walls. Wowsa!
Brody during warm ups.
Kinsley cheering during a high school game.