This Week….

Charbroiled Cinnamon Rolls

I am a pretty certain Monday only comes once a week, however, this week….I think Monday made several appearances. It was one of those weeks where you have to laugh about it to avoid crying in a corner in the fetal position. This week was a mess of a week. I got up extra early on Thursday to make these deliciously amazing cinnamon rolls for the kids before school. And…I burnt them to an unrecognizable charbroiled mess. The smoke alarm was blaring. The dogs lost their minds. It was NOT the start I had envisioned for our day. We got in the car with dry cereal in little sandwich baggies. I just started laughing. Like this deep belly laugh. My kids thought I had lost my mind and perhaps for a moment I did. I wanted them to see me laugh off what started off as a crappy, no good day. I wanted them to see me not get stuck in the muck. I have a bad habit of getting stuck in the muck and hanging out there too long. I am on a quest to reclaim my joy. Part of that quest is no longer hanging out in the muck and making the best of the situation. Praising in good times and well as trying times. Y’all this is not easy, but down the line it will be so worth it.

Until Next Time…