Junior Prom 2022

This song is so good. I pray this song over these sweet kiddos. I pray that they set the world on fire because they choose to be different. Live out Romans 12:2

My daughter, Kinsley had her Junior Prom on Saturday. Let me tell you that just a couple short months ago, I would have been a mess of tears, but man I have enjoyed this journey of soaking everything in. Let me just say that we have the most amazing tribe of friends that pour into us. They joined us for hair and makeup. They are our people and we are grateful for their sweet and loving hearts to share a special day.

I honestly could not stop staring at McKinsley. She has grown into a beautiful young woman. I love how these pictures show pure blissful joy on each of their faces. I pray that these sweet kids find joy in the every day and embrace the grace that comes with being different.



Kinsley’s Junior Prom 2022
I love these sweet girls and their friendship.
Lifelong friends.
Kinsley and September- makeup artist of all things awesome.
Kinsley and Taryn at walk-in.
Kinsley and Aunt Susan. Thanks for all the GREAT pics!
Shannon, Tara, Kinsley and Angela
I love how they look so carefree in this picture. Blissful joy. Go live out loud Romans 12:2.

Life Update

The boys are close to wrapping up their seventh grade basketball season. They are excited to keep working with Joel to gain more knowledge and improve their skill sets. Did I mention these boys are twins? Hard to tell, huh?

Our Junior in high school is LOVING her first season cheering for basketball rather than playing basketball. She is one of the most joyful cheerleaders!

Keith and I are trying to find balance to be everywhere at once- as parents, we all know this too well.

I am working on Keith to get a she shed. This would be a great place to work on writing, to pray and to just have some space that is my own. I am thinking farmhouse chic.

Other than that, no real updates. Travel softball is gearing up. Boys are debating how they are going to spend their Summer. More to come!

I am working on a new project that I am beyond words excited about! I cannot wait to share more info in the near future.

Keith and I are doing a Bible Study through our church on Revelations. OH. MY. GOODNESS. We have been researching and learning so much! A book in the Bible that used to cause me so much grief is quickly turning in to one of my favorites.

My friend and I started a Women’s Ministry called Chosen Women’s Ministry of KS. We are so excited for what God has in store for the women and high school girls in our community. Here is a link to the Facebook page if you are interested in checking it out.


Jesus, I am praying for more of you and less of me in my every day life.


Brogan is a guy on a mission in this pic. Their school clearly needs to clean and paint the walls. Wowsa!
Brody during warm ups.
Kinsley cheering during a high school game.