School’s Out for Summer

Today is a bittersweet day. Kinsley is finishing up her Junior year of high school. Brody and Brogan are wrapping up their seventh-grade year. These days are just flying by. It seems like just yesterday, Keith and I were chasing the three under three and now we experiencing the Summer before the last year of high school and the last year of middle school. These children have been an absolute blessing to love on and parent.

We are excited to enjoy our time together this Summer. We plan to make the most of the time we have together. We are a family that loves to travel so we are up for suggestion on some must see places. We are also looking for some great locations for senior pictures so shoot me some suggestions of some great locales. This girl loves the beach so we are planning a trip to the beach to get some good beachy pics.

Mamas who have already surpassed the Senior year and sending their kiddos off to college, any advice, wisdom, thoughts, etc. are all certainly appreciated.

The kids will have plenty of chores for the Summer. They will have the ability to “earn” electronics rather than to just have free access. I plan to keep their minds fresh and moving by including a homeschool routine as they have been deeply impacted by the setbacks presented by covid.

We will be spending lots of time at various ballparks and working on our garden.

Kinsley and I will spend our free time this Summer working on our book. I am so excited about this opportunity to work together. We will also include time to prepare for college.

Feel free to share all your travel ideas, senior pic locations and fun Summer to do’s with teens.



We are a HOT mess