I love how Jesus takes something broken, mends the brokenness and creates something beautiful. We had a Beautifully Broken workshop at our church that was based on Mosaics of Mercy (https://mosaicsofmercy.com/). Check them out! The event was all about creating a firm foundation through your relationship with Jesus. We also spoke about forgiveness, especially allowing you to forgive yourself first and foremost. Jesus takes the broken shards and creates something beautiful. In addition to two other women, I got to share a part of my heart. The overall theme from our testimonies was about Jesus taking our brokenness and allowing Him to mend those areas to create true beauty. This event was so amazing and healing. We shared testimonies, scripture and filled the room with worship songs. We are beyond blessed to have so many amazing women come together in the name of Jesus to seek healing and fellowship.

We had plates that could be broken.

I had no clue how important this process was to me. The crazy thing is…I never would have placed me sharing my love of Jesus with other women. I am thankful that God has wrecked my plans for his good. I grateful that Jesus met me in my brokenness and has used me to share my heart with other women. Jesus equips us to be a means to spread the Gospel with others.

My friend Angela, have enjoyed working hard in building this ministry. God put this on our hearts almost a year ago after speaking at church together on Mother’s Day with our Pastor’s wife, Kristian on all things mom. We are excited to do this event again! Angela and I both love to see how God is moving throughout our community.

Angela speaking; Tara looking on.

We ended our night sealing our hearts in individual prayer and then praying as a group.

Beautifully Broken mended hearts.

A huge thank you to our friend, Nicole Greer for capturing these images our Beautifully Broken workshop.

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